Fueling for A Flight

I'd say, "There's nothing worse than being hungry on a flight and not having healthy food choices." But the truth is, there is so much more that is worse than that. Most of us don't know the real feeling of "there's nothing worse than...". Unfortunately some of us do know that feeling. My heart goes out to the residents of San Fransisco's wine country, there are thousands there that are feeling what beyond BAD is. So many of us in the Bay Area are trying to understand but really can't wrap our heads around it. So this is a blog post about how to eat well when you are waiting for a flight in terminal 2. While important for your health not, it's not going to change the world; not even one

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I have scoured all the options to find clean products that are made from non-synthetic ingredients. These products do not create an extra burden on your health. Rather, they ease the input of everyday living. We can't avoid pollution, chemical input from cleaning chemicals and other products outside of our home so I'm offering solutions and substitutions to conventional remedies. -Molly