Ordering Healthy At Specialty's Cafe

During the Holiday Season we get busy, we get overwhelmed, some of us work longer hours because it's the end of the year for business; we are trying to do more with the same amount of time! Something has to give! You may have been a rock star at packing your lunch in 2017 but with your busy schedule, it's getting harder to make that happen everyday. My husband Andy goes missing in action during December until about mid January because he's finishing up his year at work then immediately setting out his plans for the next year. We'll see him Christmas Day and the New Year's Day (he's come close to celebrating New Year's Eve at the office some years). HE'S BUSY! While I am spectacular about pac

Staying Healthy During The Holidays Tips #1 and #2

We are in the midst of the Holiday Season! Let's face it, if we only ate (even if we overate) Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner, we would all survive. However, we know the reality is that the "Holiday Season" starts with the candy we buy in advance in September for Halloween. We break into the bag early (for one little piece), then eat so much that we need to buy more once Halloween rolls around! Then we're still eating it well after Halloween is over! We are in the midst of the Holiday Season! Thanksgiving dinner means Thanksgiving dinner and days of leftovers. When my husband and I lived closer to our families we ate two Thanksgiving dinners on two different days so both of our fam

Silly Delicious Butternut Squash

The first time I served this dish to friends, it was such a hit that I got messages from two of my friends later that week with pictures of their renditions of the same dish! Note: Trader Joe's carries bags of fresh prepped butternut squash. They also have prepped "zig zag" squash (I'd shorten the cooking time for the zig zags because they are smaller) or you can prep your own. Peeling and cubing does not take a lot of time. But during it is pretty nice to grab a convenience item when you need it! Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Ingredients: around 2 pounds of butternut squash 2 T. grass fed ghee 1 T. rosemary (I used dried.) 1 t. pink salt 1 t. black pepper Place all of the ingredients on a


At last years Chasing Sanity's (my running, reading and wine drinking group) Christmas party/gift exchange I brought a Veggetti (as seen here) as my gift to exchange. I love to make people laugh but I did not anticipate the effect the Veggetti would have on my group. In addition to being excited about it as a functional kitchen tool, the name (you'll need to use your imagination) brought laughter, that brought tears and maybe (although there's no confirmation) pants peeing! I bought it because, aside from being a running group, a book club/wine drinking group, we also became interested in the Paleo Diet together. Zucchini noodles are a great substitute for regular flour noodles which you "ha

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