Best (grain free) Blueberry, "buckwheat" Banana Pancake

These are really the best bang for your (calorie) buck pancakes! If you are feeling like a hit of carbohydrates but the stack of cakes at the local breakfast place will put you under the table in a sugar coma...then these are the ones for you. The best thing about them is that they are pancakes! Not a pretend pancake or sort of like a pancake but these taste just like buckwheat pancakes. Note? There is no buckwheat in them or any kind of flour for that matter. The whole recipe comes in under 300 calories. Read on... Ingredients: 1 medium banana 1 large egg 1 scoop (1 serving) protein powder of your choice. I used Sun Warrior Protein Blend 1/4 cup blueberries (I like smaller, wild blueberries

Kombucha Starter Recipe

You can start your own kombucha without having a starter from a friend. And here is how you do it! This is what you need: filtered, boiling water 1 Cup organic white sugar 6 bags of plain black, organic, unflavored black tea 2 bottles of original, store bought kombucha Large jar (about 2 quarts) Boil water. Dissolve sugar in water. Add tea bags and steep for 2-3 hours or overnight. Squeeze out teabags and discard. Pour tea into a large jar. Add kombucha. Fill the jar the rest of the way (almost to the top) with filtered water. Cover tightly with cheese cloth and rubber band. (note: you can use a piece of cotton but be sure it's clean but not by heavy detergents.) Put in cool dark cabinet awa

What Does This Have To Do With Kombucha?

A few Spring’s ago, I was at my children’s elementary school for their open house/art show. I was standing in the doorway of my son’s classroom when I saw one of my best friends form Cincinnati...this is where I wish there was a combination of letters that could join together to make the sound of the needle scratching the record. If you were there in the moment where someone has planned to surprise you, that moment where their plan is coming to fruition right at the moment where you are being made aware that there was something everyone knew about but you. The something was all about you. In that moment, there is no way to get your brain to clue in to all of the moving parts of the plan. The

Chad's Kombucha

Chad's Kombucha This is a recipe for kombucha where you will need a starter/scoby/mother from a friend and some of their kombucha or store bought kombucha to get started. 1. Pour 32 oz plain/original kombucha or about 2 cups kombucha from a friend) Into a gallon or quart glass jar with wide mouth 2. Add Mother Kombucha 3. Add cooled, strong, sweet, tea Strong Sweet Tea: Boil water and add 1 cup organic sugar (do not use decaffeinated tea or another type of sweetener; the mother kombucha needs to eat the sugar and caffeine) When the sugar has dissolved, add 3 teabags Earl Grey and 3 teabags black tea (or all black, no flavors) Steep tea 2-3 hours or over night. 4. Squeeze tea bags into the te

Shelter In Place Super Food Bowls

How To Use What You've Got In Your Fridge Before You Head Out For A Shopping Trip!! All you need is a bowl and your imagination (and food.) We are staying home as much as possible to keep ourselves, our families and EVERYONE safe and healthy. Here is a recipe idea to stretch the time between your grocery trips. You can use what you already have to make a delicious meal that makes everyone at your house happy and full. There are three basic layers to this dish and just about anything goes! You are going to prepare and/or gather separate components for diners to choose from which to build their bowls. Display your choices in a buffet style or in the middle of your table for family style. Allow

What Should Be On Your Shelter-In-Place Grocery List?!?!

Lately, some conversations with my friends include anecdotes of how high we loaded our cart at the grocery store or how many carts we needed. We are limiting our time in public places and therefore trying to get as much as we can in one trip to the grocery. To optimize sustainability and avoid waste, I've provided suggestions for your shopping list during SIP. 1. Choose produce that will last longer. Avoid (or buy 1 or 2 of these items): Most bagged items in the refrigerated produce section- berries prepped and/or chopped convenience items bagged lettuce and salads. Buy Most items in the center of the produce section- potatoes (all varieties) butternut and spaghetti squash ripe and green ba

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