The Wonders of Watermelon

I'm running a one woman campaign to bring back the love of watermelon. Of course I"m joking, I don't think I'm alone but the campaign is real. A couple of decades ago, "we" decided fat was bad and therefore we stopped eating fat and started eating more carbohydrates and American gained weight. Carbohydrates took the place of fat when we deemed fat bad. When we realized we were gaining weight on the low fat diets and high carbohydrate diets were to blame...carbohydrates became the villain! ALL CARBOHYDRATES. It never sat right with me that we would include fruit in the category of "bad" carbohydrates but since they were all bad, fruit became something to avoid. It didn't sit right with me bec

A Cool, Refreshing, Healthier, Adult Beverage

A Cool, Refreshing, Healthier, Adult Beverage When people are venturing into a new, healthier diet they often ask me, “Are there any drinks I can still have?” By drinks they mean alcoholic beverages of course. With any new diet, we often start out with “What can I NOT give up?!” It’s good, if you are trying to cleanse or detox, to cut out alcohol all together. If you are looking for a diet that fits into a sustainable lifestyle, you’ll probably want some healthy drink options. My favorite healthy summer drink and the one I get the most positive feedback on is the drink recipe below. Don’t be mistaken. I’ve carefully chosen ingredients so they are not merely okay but actually beneficial! Vodk

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