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Real food is necessary for brain and body function.
It has the power to heal and prevent disease.
Let's get on the good foot, and begin the journey of your PERSONAL FOOD REVOLUTION.

Build the nutrition & exercise habits that will unlock a new chapter in your physical & mental well-being.


Processed foods are the fast and easy route for so many of us, and we now see how detrimental it can be: Gut issues, brain fog, whacked out energy. We’ve all seen the documentaries, the talk shows, the radio shows, the podcasts, and the public service announcements. We are all aware of how important nutrition is, but we just don’t know how to get there in our day-to-day lives.


We know what we need to do… and it’s hard. It’s really hard. We need to get back to the simplicity of cooking fresh food at home. The diet culture has decided that, for a food to be healthy, it should have a label that says so. Instead we need to relearn that the healthiest food literally has no package, no box, no need to sell itself, no label at all! Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. I(t’s almost as if we’ve eliminated our ability to cook fresh food for real meals through the fast-paced experience that is now life.)

Healthy Food



Well, we know a different way, and we can teach you. We will find out and start to eliminate the side effects of what could be nutritionally-related issues. Some things to look forward to? New motivation, reduced anxiety, and sustainable energy- that’s right, be able to stay awake, alert, and mellow. All through food.  


You’ve got your story, your patterns, your achievements, and pitfalls. My goal is to increase your capacity to reset your health through new choices. I will be with you every step of the way. You'll discover your favorite whole foods and recipes.  They will fill you up and improve the way you feel and tackle life! (and you’ll be able to hack and repattern yourself into a whole way of being, that honestly,) You can’t even imagine the transformation, because you've never known it. Let me take you there.

What we've learned is that it's not just the instruction, it's the relationship between you and the way you eat. And we'll help you with that relationship. First, we will wean you off the processed foods, and time for the body to adjust and thank us.  Really. You’ll feel it in your whole being. Then you will reintroduce select foods to this new powerful body of yours that will respond to foods that do and don't add strength to your health.  We will further the sustainability of your new foods by balancing meals, portion size and intake timing.

Is this an elimination diet? Nope. It's a customized plan especially for you to grow your health through your personal food evolution. It all begins with the first connection, so please do contact me for a FREE 20-minute consultation so I can learn more about you, and we can begin the first steps towards a more energized, clarified, and healthy you.


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