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All Hail Kale

Kale is in the cabbage family as is broccoli, all cabbages, Brussel sprouts, collards and cauliflower. These are all basically cabbage. You want to choose a variety of greens to assure you’ll get the best nutrients that each green has to offer. Think of these cabbages as one choice to rotate with other greens such as spinach, romaine and Swiss chard. For example, rotating Napa cabbage, cauliflower and collard greens is essentially eating the same thing over and over again. You also want to rotate in other (non cabbage) greens because each has a special set of mild toxins that ward off their natural predators (cabbages would have a lot of the same toxins). A little bit of these toxins is fine.

Yes, dark greens are bitter! Mother Nature made greens bitter so that animals (like ourselves) would know which plants were healing plants; medicinal in nature.

Kale is a no brainer for me. It's very good for you, can be made extremely delicious and I don't think we'll ever see headlines reading: "New Finding: Kale Not As Great As Once Thought!"

More specifically, what makes it “good” is it’s nutrient content. Kale contains: Vitamins A and K. These are both “fat soluble” which means your body will absorb them as long as you have a fat source with them. So make a kale salad and include a dressing with olive oil and or add an avocado to your. If you cook your kale, saute it in ghee or avocado oil. Or steam it and drizzle with olive oil at the end...and a squeeze of lemon juice...Yum!!!

Vitamin C has been shown to help fight the common cold!

Vitamin B6, magnesium and Calcium support better sleep. Magnesium and Calcium work together to literally make the body work better at a cellular level (there are numerous benefits to both...they will earn their own blog post some day.)

Copper becomes very important to women in their 30’s plus.

Kale also has antioxidants which slow the aging process and slows many diseases.

Kale is a low calorie, high nutrient, high fiber food. That means it will help you feel full because you will be full. Your body will be satisfied with the nutrients it needs and you won’t be hungry! Fill your plate or bowl with kale, add a fat source and have a beautiful protein. This will ensure you are on your way to better health. Keep up the habit and you’ll drop those last few pounds that have been holding on!

So...get some greens into your body right now by making this easy, delicious recipe. REAL FOOD, REAL RESULTS!

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