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The goal of my blog is to share discoveries of mine that made me stop and think, “hey that makes my life healthier, easier, better, more delicious, more fulfilling, happier, calmer, funnier…”

The biggest complaint I hear about nutrition is: "Just when I think I have it figured out, there is a new headline telling me I'm all wrong!" That part of nutrition can be frustrating. The thing is: there is more about healing through food that HASN’T changed.

I will never suggest going on a diet. Eating healthy is a lifelong endeavor. That can be daunting! Or it can mean you have a whole lifetime to grow, learn and continue to evolve. Once you are on a diet you have something to fail, something to give up and something upon which to cheat! When you decide to feed your body real food, you can: start to learn, add new habits, forgive a french fry or two and know how to eat better the next meal. As long as more meals are good for you than "bad", you are winning! That is called consistency.

Learning new things about nutrition is powerful. That is what drives me. I had a handful of health diagnosis’ in my twenties. Doctors were certain a lifelong drug prescription would be the fix. That prognosis didn’t speak to my sensibilities (at all). Through personal research, help from natural doctors and medical doctors who were willing to support me, I made changes to my diet and lifestyle. For the past twenty years I’ve been able to leave the medicines behind, have two babies (which I was told would be difficult), exercise regularly, maintain energy levels and continue to learn what’s best for me. I’ve also been exhausted, missed workouts, eaten food that shouldn't be recognized as food and yet, I continue to evolve.

What kinds of things do you want to know more about? What are your challenges? Please send me a message and ask away.

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