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Here is a link to the original Bullet Proof Coffee.


1 cup coffee

2 T. ghee and/or 2 T. MCT Oil

2 T. grass fed gelatin or collagen powder

pinch of Sunfire Salt (DM me here for a free local delivery or I ship anywhere in the continental U.S.))


1. Brew your coffee as you like it.

2. Blend with the ghee and oil. I blend mine in my BlentTec blender on "whole juice" for a minute. That's basically as high as your blender goes for a minute.

3. Add your choice of protein powder (collagen or gelatin) and blend for a few seconds or until incorporated.

4. Enjoy!


Buy the highest quality ingredients your budget can afford.

Organic coffee should be high on your list since coffee growers use the highest amount of insecticides on their crops.

You may also like more coffee brew to suit your taste.

Start out with a teaspoon of each fat to see how your stomach handles it.

The protein powder is much for fragile than the fats. The fats need to be emulsified to make the drink creamy and more palatable. Without blending the fats, you have an oil slick on top of your coffee that can burn your mouth and/or upset your stomach. The protein powder is fragile and shouldn't be broken up so aggressively. A light/short blend is all that is needed. Some people stir it in with a spoon but I feel, especially the gelatin needs a little more help than a spoon.

Try the recipe for yourself. Let me know how you personalize it to your needs/tastes!

To read about using my coffee as a reset, read here.

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