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Coffee! Benefits. Risks. And THE BEST Recipe.

Coffee!! I think it might...scratch IS my favorite part of the day! I literally woke up at 3:30 this morning thinking it was coffee time and I was so excited!

I talk to a lot of people who think their coffee habit is one that needs to be broken. If you read what the media says, it's confusing.

Everything nutrition is personal. There are definitely some hard and fast rules, like eat your fruits and vegetables. Even within those confines, individuals respond negatively to some fruits and some vegetables. So, your coffee intake is personal too. AND! to make it even harder, what works for you (with coffee and otherwise) doesn't ALWAYS work for you!

I was just talking with a colleague yesterday about not being able to laminate your health plan, it is a FLUID thing! Hmmmm...if there was only a certified professional that I know that could help with my personal nutrition?? (wink wink)...It's me! I meant me. I was hinting that that is something I do...something I love actually: unlocking the secrets of your nutrition whether you want to lose weight, wether you think you have a food allergy or you have unwanted symptoms like headaches or stomachaches that could be supported with food, supplements and lifestyle changes! (Did I come on a little strong?)

Back to coffee! Coffee actually has benefits, it's not just a delicious, hand warming, morning pick me up. There are reasons to be careful with coffee as well and I'll bullet point all of those things now.

Benefits of coffee:

  1. Coffee can be a safe and effective pre-workout fuel. It gives you an energy boost that can make you work harder, making your workout more efficient and beneficial. More cardio benefits, stronger muscles (which leads to stronger bones.)

  2. There may be a decreased risk of certain cancers with coffee consumption.

  3. Coffee has magnesium! If you pay attention to me for long enough, you'll hear me suggest magnesium. Magnesium helps EVERY SINGLE BODY FUNCTION DOWN TO YOUR CELLS. Magnesium supports muscles, helps with headaches and can lesson premenstrual symptoms.

  4. Coffee has Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). The body gets ATP from food and B2 helps this process. And what does ATP do? Produces ENERGY! I've not talked to someone who wasn't interested in more energy.

  5. Coffee is rich in antioxidants. Think of a rotting piece of fruit (yum). Oxidation is creating this damage. A similar situation happens in our body and ANTI-oxidant rich foods fight this process.

When and why you should be careful with your coffee consumption:

  1. As with everything nutrition, don't over do it! Having 50-300 mg of caffeine a day is safe for most people. Be mindful that if you feel jittery at 200 mg, you may have a lower threshold for coffee and need to lower your consumption. What is 50-300 mg of caffeine? Well, 300 mg is three, 6 ounce cups. When you put it that way, it sounds like plenty. Starbucks spells