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At last years Chasing Sanity's (my running, reading and wine drinking group) Christmas party/gift exchange I brought a Veggetti (as seen here) as my gift to exchange. I love to make people laugh but I did not anticipate the effect the Veggetti would have on my group.

In addition to being excited about it as a functional kitchen tool, the name (you'll need to use your imagination) brought laughter, that brought tears and maybe (although there's no confirmation) pants peeing!

I bought it because, aside from being a running group, a book club/wine drinking group, we also became interested in the Paleo Diet together. Zucchini noodles are a great substitute for regular flour noodles which you "have" to give up when you're on the Paleo diet. If you want Zucchini noodles you can pay a lot to have Whole Foods make them for you (which is sometimes worth it) or with the Veggetti, you can make your own zoodles from fresh zucchini!

Try this easy recipe for Creamy Zucchini Noodles!