Three of My (many) Favorite Ingredients

Simply, here are three ingredients that I use along with tips, reviews and ideas about them:

Here is a recipe of mine that uses all three ingredients!

1. Many healthy dessert recipes call for pitted dates. As a time saver, you can cut a chunk from a block. About an inch thick and wide, the whole block is about 2 inches tall of pitted pressed dates equals about 8-10 pitted dates. I found mine at our local Indian grocery store.

2. Make sure your cacao powder is "raw". Otherwise it may have been heated to a temperature that changes it's chemical make up and makes it caffeinated. Navitas is a dependable raw brand.

3. When buying walnuts for a recipe like this, opt for the package sold as "pieces" versus "whole". This is cheaper; stores charge more for complete halves. Also buy nuts in the refrigerated section if you can. If your store doesn't sell enough nuts (i.e. low turnover) the oil in the nuts can go rancid.

However, I have had luck with Trader Joe's Organic Raw Walnut halves and pieces sold on the shelf.

Here is a recipe of mine that uses all three ingredients!

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