Ordering Healthy At Specialty's Cafe

During the Holiday Season we get busy, we get overwhelmed, some of us work longer hours because it's the end of the year for business; we are trying to do more with the same amount of time! Something has to give! You may have been a rock star at packing your lunch in 2017 but with your busy schedule, it's getting harder to make that happen everyday.

My husband Andy goes missing in action during December until about mid January because he's finishing up his year at work then immediately setting out his plans for the next year. We'll see him Christmas Day and the New Year's Day (he's come close to celebrating New Year's Eve at the office some years). HE'S BUSY!

While I am spectacular about packing his lunch for him the night before, bless his heart (to borrow a line from my Texas cousins), he's not so spectacular about remembering to bring it to work the next day.

He has the option of Specialty's Cafe close to his office. So I teased through the menu and picked out some better options to satiate and get him through till I can feed him a healthy dinner at home.

It looks like most salads come with a "salad focaccia" and I've removed that from all options. It's white flour which may be "enriched" with nutrients but that's not the same as having an option that's inherently nutrient dense. In short, white flour started out as a healthy grain that gets stripped of it's fiber, vitamins and nutrients then it's bleached to make a beautiful white fluffy powder. Then nutrients that aren't necessarily inherent to that grain are added back. In my opinion? It's better to eat something that has the nutrients naturally. For the same reason, I've not included any sandwiches.

You may miss the salad focaccia or bread and first but you will definitely get used to not having it. As a bonus your body will be happy to NOT have the extra empty calories.

Also, you might notice you have more energy by leaving some of the grains behind.

Another bonus at Specialty's is that you can order online so you don't have to make all the necessary substitutions in person. Just be careful and move past the "possible additions", the make it very easy to add a cookie to your order. Also, when you pick up your order, there is a nice stack of fresh baked goods to temp you!

Also, at least at my location, they have kiosks onsite where you can type in your order.

Here are my suggestions:


Soup-no "creamed" soups.

Note: If you can take the extra step, keep a nice bottle of extra virgin olive oil in your desk at work. Use is generously on your salad (or pour some into your soup) in place of salad dressing. Step it up another notch and keep great salt in your desk too!

Another Note: I chose, personally, to remove the corn mixture from my order. Not everyone has digestive issues from corn. I don't like conventional corn because it's most likely genetically modified and corn doesn't like my digestive system. My family eats organic corn occasionally. The amount on these salads is trivial and not worth the worry if you're not sensitive to it; your call.

Salads: There is a button that allows you to customize your order. I ordered the Dawn's Vegan and exchanged the lettuce for spinach. It was a huge amount of spinach; dare I say, almost too much!

Chicken Cobb

Remove: blue cheese, ranch, salad focaccia, croutons

Add: balsamic vinaigrette, greek goddess or southwestern dressing