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What I do

It's clear to me what my goals are, what my venture is and how I want to help others use nutrition for a number of results. However, it may not be clear to everyone else who isn't me...I've been eating, sleeping and drinking this dream for years. So I thought it might be a good idea to let you in on it!

By consulting with clients one-on-one, giving group presentations, leading group challenges, blogging and devising my own, healthy, simple recipes, I:

1. Help you add new, delicious, whole foods to your diet.

2. Emphasize what you're already doing well.

3. De-emphasize limiting, excluding, restricting and labeling any food as bad.

4. Make gradual, permanent, real food improvements.

I give you:

1. Specific, measurable plans to follow.

2. Original, easy recipes with few ingredients.

3. Ongoing support for success.

I have just joined forces with Shape Fitness For Women in Dublin California! I personally have had a handful of health challenges (read more here) and I've approached them with changes to my diet and have had great results. I have learned from being my own guinea pig, from other natural health professionals and from my nutrition training through The American School of Natural Health.

Please visit this page to see a list of the services I provide in person and long distance.

Also, feel free to email me with any questions:

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