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Shelter In Place Super Food Bowls

How To Use What You've Got In Your Fridge Before You Head Out For A Shopping Trip!! All you need is a bowl and your imagination (and food.)

We are staying home as much as possible to keep ourselves, our families and EVERYONE safe and healthy. Here is a recipe idea to stretch the time between your grocery trips. You can use what you already have to make a delicious meal that makes everyone at your house happy and full.

There are three basic layers to this dish and just about anything goes! You are going to prepare and/or gather separate components for diners to choose from which to build their bowls. Display your choices in a buffet style or in the middle of your table for family style.

Allow diners to choose their base, middle and toppings. Children and picky adults will make healthier choices if they are given options. Don't make a big deal about it when they choose wisely, (your pride may scare them off) smile inside, and know they are getting healthy food into their body!

1. Base layer-Choose items for your base layer that fill the bowl, are nutrient dense but low calorie (for those of us that want more but not more calories) so your bowl appears abundant. These ingredients should be bite sized or cubed.

Also, choose items that are sturdy enough to hold the middle and the top. For example, a spring mix would wilt to nothing as a base component but would be beautiful on top!


zucchini noodles

potatoes, any variety

cous cous