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Chad's Kombucha

Chad's Kombucha

This is a recipe for kombucha where you will need a starter/scoby/mother from a friend and some of their kombucha or store bought kombucha to get started.

1. Pour 32 oz plain/original kombucha or about 2 cups kombucha from a friend)

Into a gallon or quart glass jar with wide mouth

2. Add Mother Kombucha

3. Add cooled, strong, sweet, tea

Strong Sweet Tea:

Boil water and add 1 cup organic sugar (do not use decaffeinated tea or another type of sweetener; the mother kombucha needs to eat the sugar and caffeine)

When the sugar has dissolved, add 3 teabags Earl Grey and 3 teabags black tea (or all black, no flavors)

Steep tea 2-3 hours or over night.

4. Squeeze tea bags into the tea

5. Add filtered water as needed to come close to filling jar but not to the top.

6. Cover tightly with cheese cloth (or a piece of cotton fabric) and a rubber band.

7. Put in cool dark place away from chemicals.

8. After a week, taste the kombucha. If it is sour but still a little sweet, it is ready (you'll learn to know what taste you like.) If it still tastes like sweet tea, repeat the tasting process every couple days until it's ready.

It usually takes two weeks but the process goes faster in warmer, humid weather/seasons.

9. When it is ready, pour into glass pitcher: all but an ⅛ to a ¼ of the kombucha; put in refrigerator.

10. Repeat process (starting at 1) reusing the Mother and kombucha left in the jar.

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