Sweet Treat Banana Pancakes

May 15, 2020

Not sure when pancakes became a breakfast food??? There is literally the word CAKE in the name!!!


Enjoy these pancakes as a treat that treats you right! 


Included are: good fat, good protein, good carbohydrates and good deliciousness!




1 small to medium banana

1-2 eggs

1 T. coconut oil for pan

drizzle of honey or sprinkle of cinnamon


(heat pan to medium heat)


1. mash banana in a bowl


2. add egg (s) and whisk together


3. when pan is hot, add coconut oil


4. pour 1/4 cup portions into pan (about 3 at a time)


5. the batter will bubble a little but not around the edge like traditional pancakes...when you see bubbles, flip the pancake


6. cook for just under a minute


7. repeat with the rest of the batter, it doesn't store well, so use it all


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