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What Does This Have To Do With Kombucha?

A few Spring’s ago, I was at my children’s elementary school for their open house/art show. I was standing in the doorway of my son’s classroom when I saw one of my best friends form Cincinnati...this is where I wish there was a combination of letters that could join together to make the sound of the needle scratching the record. If you were there in the moment where someone has planned to surprise you, that moment where their plan is coming to fruition right at the moment where you are being made aware that there was something everyone knew about but you. The something was all about you. In that moment, there is no way to get your brain to clue in to all of the moving parts of the plan. The surprise of the moment smacks you in the face no, wait, it body slams you emotionally. It is such a mix of confusion and elation that your mind doesn’t recognize it and it fails you miserably for a moment and the feeling is so extreme that you lose control of your face.

That is where I found myself when I saw my friend Chad, who supposed to be in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was in my child’s classroom doorway in California. I cried my face off while it was explained to me that he and my husband's bestie, Scott had come to surprise me for my birthday.

(Side note, it serves me right as Scott and I ambushed, I mean surprised, Chad on his birthday a year or two earlier.)

What does this have to do with kombucha? A few years earlier, Chad bought a couple of bottles of locally brewed Cincinnati kombucha called Fab Ferments. He used it to start his own kombucha at home. He repeatedly told me how easy and how cost effective it was to brew your own. Finally, I gave in and tried to start my own when we lived in Texas. You’re supposed to put it in a cool, dark cabinet to brew for a couple of weeks. The cabinet I chose was under the sink with the cleaning supplies so it failed to form a scoby/mother/culture.

Chad packed up a kombucha culture from his brew in a ziplock bag with some of his kombucha and flew it to California as my birthday present.