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What To Think About Fat?!?!?!

In the early 90’s, I would eat anything as long as it didn’t have fat. Licorice? Of course, it was labeled fat free! Bread? As long as I didn’t put butter on it. Diet cookies? They were marketed...I mean, made for me...full of sugar and zero fat. Potato chips with Olestra? Just once.

Since the low fat/no fat craze decades ago, we have learned all about good fat and why having no fat was not a great idea.

But...old habits die hard. So, in case you need reminding.

  1. Fat has essential fatty acids. Essential means something that the body cannot make itself.

  2. We need fat to absorb certain vitamins (A, D, E, K). It’s not a wonder I felt so sick through college...I was (as was a big portion of America) eating a diet that was working against me getting these vitamins!

  3. Fat should be around 30 % of our diet. What were we (what was I) substituting for fat? Sugar, flour, any carbohydrates I could get my hands on.

Here is an explanation of fat in a way that makes sense to me.

Is Saturated Fat Unhealthy? By Jillian Kubala explains fat in a way that makes sense to me.

High fat foods to add to your grocery list right now: avocado and avocado oil, dark chocolate or raw chocolate, coconut and coconut oil, animal lard, grass fed butter, grass fed ghee, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, cheese, fatty fish, nuts and seeds, full fat yogurt, grass fed vitamin D milk.

**If you have any concerns about saturated fat, medical experts say to keep it to 10% of your diet. That would be my recommendation too, saturated fat 10% and unsaturated fat 10-15%.

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