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Chocolate Collagen Honey Bomb With Chocolate Bomb Sauce

This treat is a multi-purpose bite. It works when you have a sweet tooth. It can be a pre-workout fuel if you need to eat something before you workout. It is also post workout recovery!

I came up with this because I like to follow a Paleo diet most of the time because the guidelines are the closest to a REAL FOOD philosophy as well as anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense.

However, it’s hard to find a paleo bar. There are some tasty ones. There are also bars that use the label “PALEO” but use ingredients that aren’t paleo.

To create my own paleo “bar”, I put paleo ingredients in a bowl, mash them up and call it a day!

That method works with these ingredients. You can also take the extra step of packing the mixture in a four tablespoon ice cream/muffin scoop. I realize as I write this that that is pretty darn specific! You could make two with a 2 tablespoon scoop also.



2 scoops collagen powder

1 T. grass fed ghee

1 T. cacao powder

1 T. raw, local honey

Bomb sauce:

1 T. cacao powder

1 T. mct oil or melted coconut oil