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Years ago was the first time I'd heard the term "activated nuts" and something about how they were better for your digestion. It was one of those things that I put away for a day and time that I was ready to incorporate another, new, healthy routine into my life. When I was ready, incorporated the process of activating nuts into my own routine. Not all the time but sometimes. Now I'll share it with you.

The amount of nuts you'd like to activate is up to you. I like to do quite a bit so that I have enough to store and so that I don't have to do it often.

You might have learned that raw nuts are better for you than roasted. I think the taste of a raw nut tastes very healthy, too healthy...healthy/bland not healthy/delicious. I've even heard friends describe having "nut belly" after eating raw nuts. It's not that raw nuts can't be delicious, they just have to try harder. The process I'll describe makes them DELICIOUS yet, still raw and healthy.

In the state you buy raw nuts, they are hard to digest and they taste plain.

HERE'S WHY: Nuts and seeds are dormant until they have water to grow. For example, you may have acorns in your yard, after a heavy rain some of them will sprout.

The rain soaks off the ENZYME INHIBITOR that protects them from insects and keeps them dormant. Now they can grow. The enzyme inhibitor is also what makes a nut hard to digest.

It doesn't rain in your kitchen so you need to soak your nuts.

Basically the harder the nut, the longer you soak it. Here is a good chart on how long to soak each nut type.