Ginger Tahini Salad Dressing

June 30, 2020


I’ve been working on a trio of immune boosting salad dressings. So far, in our house, the oregano garlic dressing has been a hit. And this one with ginger and tahini, I have poured over shredded cabbage for a slaw and tossed with chopped raw broccoli and sliced almonds for a salad that is delectable. Next, I’ll be formulating a salad dressing with turmeric, yogurt and raw local honey!






The ginger and tahini have immune boosting powers. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative. Tahini is a butter made from sesame seeds that are high in zinc, selenium, copper, iron, vitamin b6 and vitamin E.  




2 inches or 5 T. frozen ginger root

3 T. tahini

½ C. Apple cider vinegar

2 t. Pink salt

black pepper to taste

¼ C. coconut aminos

¾ C. extra virgin olive oil

-1 T. sesame oil




Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth.




Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use liberally on shredded cabbage to make slaw, any salad you like, zucchini noodles and can be used as a stir fry sauce. For stir fry, use about a ¼ C. after food is cooked to toss vegetables in. 


Note: I used frozen ginger cubes for convenience which was a total win but I’ll use fresh next time because I think it will be even better!






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