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Ginger Tahini Salad Dressing

I’ve been working on a trio of immune boosting salad dressings. So far, in our house, the oregano garlic dressing has been a hit. And this one with ginger and tahini, I have poured over shredded cabbage for a slaw and tossed with chopped raw broccoli and sliced almonds for a salad that is delectable. Next, I’ll be formulating a salad dressing with turmeric, yogurt and raw local honey!

The ginger and tahini have immune boosting powers. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative. Tahini is a butter made from sesame seeds that are high in zinc, selenium, copper, iron, vitamin b6 and vitamin E.


2 inches or 5 T. frozen ginger root

3 T. tahini

½ C. Apple cider vinegar

2 t. Pink salt

black pepper to taste

¼ C. coconut aminos

¾ C. extra virgin olive oil

-1 T. sesame oil


Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth.