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A Cool, Refreshing, Healthier, Adult Beverage

A Cool, Refreshing, Healthier, Adult Beverage

When people are venturing into a new, healthier diet they often ask me, “Are there any drinks I can still have?” By drinks they mean alcoholic beverages of course. With any new diet, we often start out with “What can I NOT give up?!”

It’s good, if you are trying to cleanse or detox, to cut out alcohol all together.

If you are looking for a diet that fits into a sustainable lifestyle, you’ll probably want some healthy drink options.

My favorite healthy summer drink and the one I get the most positive feedback on is the drink recipe below.

Don’t be mistaken. I’ve carefully chosen ingredients so they are not merely okay but actually beneficial!

Vodka can be a better choice than other alcohols because it has no sugar and few calories.

Mineral water is naturally bubbly and contains magnesium, and calcium.

Lime juice is anti-inflammatory, good for the skin and aids in digestion.

Raw local honey is a true superfood and has a wealth of benefits. The reason it is included in this recipe is to aid in seasonal allergies which can be exacerbated by high outside temperatures.

A cool drink, on a hot day with added health, win, win!

Molly’s Sparkling Vodka


1 Tablespoon warm water