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Feeling Challenged With New Nutrition Habits?

Sometimes starting new nutrition habits comes with a bit of trepidation! Maybe you have tried a nutrition plan with loads of success, only to creep back into old habits. Maybe you think you have failed because you didn't lose a lot of unwanted weight. Maybe you didn't follow the last plan 100% and therefore it didn't "count".

I think it is a safe to say, most of us can relate to these feelings. They are real. I wish I could wipe away years of damage that the media and diet industry has layered upon us but I can't.

What I am trying to do is chip away at the layers of damage with the radical idea that practicing new habits around real food with pretty good consistency and less pressure to be perfect can lead to real change; Real Food Evolution!

Here are some tips when you are feeling challenged with new nutrition habits:

  1. “Sit in the emotion”. Feel what you are feeling and just take note of it, not judgment and not action, just feel it.

  2. Even if the feeling is hunger...ask yourself: have I eaten in the last 2-3 hours? Do I need to eat? Hunger can be just another feeling. Feel it but don’t act on it if you know you have recently eaten enough.

  3. If it is time to eat, make a reasonable choice from your options, chew your food and take your time.

  4. What reasons do you have for eating when you are not hungry? Boredom, stress, strong emotions?

  5. This is hard but try to see what you are getting from food (besides nourishment.)