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One Tried and True Tip in a Sea of Nutrition Confusion

Sometimes it's hard to follow nutritional trends. Are eggs "in" or "out"?

"Good" carbs battle "bad" carbs.

Does eating fat make you fat?

First of all, know that these swings and trends aren't sound nutritional advice nor are they founded in long term research.

1. Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods that are whole and perfect without processing. Most people can eat 2 eggs per day and reap the benefits. Eating cholesterol doesn't raise your cholesterol. Sugar, white flour and fried foods increases cholesterol.

2. "Carbs" is short for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and more. The diet industry decided "carbs" is short for bread and sugar only (and therefore, bad.)

3. Eating fat does NOT make you fat. Fat lubricates your joints, brain and some vitamins in our food can only be absorbed with fat! Eating white bread, sugar and fried foods increases body fat.

Meanwhile, eating naturally green food has NEVER come into question, never been polarizing, never discounted as unhealthy. Greens have been important to the health of humans for millions of years. Greens clean our blood, greens give us energy, greens fuel our workouts and our recoveries, greens contain numerous vitamins and minerals. The best ways to rehydrate after a workout is...guess!?! Greens and green juices top the charts.