KickSTART PrOatmeal


⅓ C. dry Old Fashioned Oats

⅔ C. Any Unsweetened Non-Dairy “Milk”

½ T. Flaxseed Meal

½ T. Any Nut Butter

½ t. Raw Honey

14 grams (grams of protein, not weight) *Plain or Vanilla or Chocolate Protein


Pinch of Molly’s Salt

Optional: Ground Cinnamon


Make oatmeal according to directions using nut milk in place of water.

Add flaxseed and nut butter when oatmeal starts to get creamy.

While it’s cooking, put protein powder in a small bowl with 1/8 – 1/4c. water per scoop; whisk to make smooth & creamy.

Add protein mixture to oatmeal when just about done. Sprinkle cinnamon over just before eating.

**Plant-based pro powders absorb more liquid so you might need to increase the liquid to get the desired consistency.

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